El mitico UDP flodder 2.0 para "hackear" paginas web que enrealidad no las hackea, solo las floodea con envio masivo de paquetes


En mi poder tengo la version original para no caer en programas engañosos, viene con un txt que relata sobre este programa lo siguiente 

UDPFlood 2.00

UDPFlood is UDP packet sender. It sends out UDP packets to the specfied IP and port at a controllable rate. Packets can be made from a typed text string, a given number of random bytes or data from a file. Useful for server testing.

Version 2.0 does not represent any additional functionality to previous
versions of UDPFlood, it simply signifies the fact that UDPFlood has
been acquired by Foundstone (http://www.foundstone.com).




 D E S C A R G A R

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